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Bučanje and Studenac beaches
Bučanje and Studenac beaches
Sveti Jakov is a small village settled on a hill on Lošinj Island's northern part with Nerezine right on its northern limits. The pages of our site were created to introduce the resort village.

Sveti Jakov is surrounded by sea on three of its sides and all three sides have bays with beaches awaiting swimmers and those who wish to relax. The row of beaches start with Bučanje on the northern side, connecting Nerezine and Sveti Jakov. The coast stretching Cape Kolo is rather diverse: part of it is covered with concrete, still, it's mostly left in its natural form, that is, it's rocky and stony with gravel sections here and there. Water is shallow in the bay that goes as far as Studenac Bay on its southern end. In Lanena Bay, which is accessible by foot going east and down from the village center, the beach is gravel and bathers can find similar coastline in Zaklačić Bay south of the settlement.

Sveti Jakov, the village itself is tiny. Besides the houses used mainly for vacations and the two churches there are a small grocery store and a restaurant-bar (Jacinta) in the village center.

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Sveti Jakov's center
Sveti Jakov's center

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Events in and around Sveti Jakov

» Ča Vrh Arbe - 7th Chakavian Poets Festival - Rab, 14 Mar
» Asparagus Days - Rab, 27-28 Apr
» Rab Nautic Passion - Rab, 2 May
» Explore Rab - Bicycle Rally - Rab, 3 May
» Nerezine Muaj - Nerezine, 3 May


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